Waiter Point of Sale

Take table orders using a waiter POS System that wirelessly prints to the kitchen.

Reduce errors and eliminate double handling by using a SASSCO Waiter POS solution for restaurants & cafes.
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Take orders right at the table

Give your staff a hand-held tablet to take orders right at the table. Tablets use the most advanced wireless technology and have a range of up to 20 meters.

To understand the extent and popularity of Waiter POS, read this blog about the evolution of Waiter POS.

Waiter POS Simulator

We take pride in what we do and the innovation we create every day that revolutionises the hospitality industry in Australia, and around the world.

Our Waiter Point of Sale software is one these innovative ideas, our customers rate it on average 10/10. You can use the simulator (left) to get a real feel of how the software works.

Use your mouse to select a staff name, click Floor then select a table. From there, you can start adding your items, change quantity and customise your item(s).

Once done, click Send Order.

In a live environment, these orders are printed instantly in your coffee, bar or kitchen printer.

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Top questions about Waiter POS

Does it rely on Internet?

No. Unlike many other systems in the market, our software does not rely on the Internet to function properly. Instead we use the local network available at the restaurant.

Will orders print directly in the kitchen?

Yes. Our waiter pos app will divide your items and print items to their relevant printers and integrate instantly with the main point of sale software.

Can I use my iPhone or Android tablet?

Yes. Our app will work on iPhone and/or Android devices.