A POS that helps you offer excellency

SASSCO's POS Systems have all the functionality required to increase revenue by providing fast, efficient and accurate service operation to your floor, staff and bookings.

Our software application is smart and has great advantages over any other point of sale on the market; most notably the ease of use, the unique menu design and other great innovative ideas by our Australian-made system. Start your free trial

Portable and efficient - order at the table

Download SASSCO's Waiter POS on any device: iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows PC - mount in on a wall bracket, a tablet stand or carry it with you to take table orders.

All orders processed via our waiter app, are printed instantly (wirelessly) in the kitchen and coffee sections. This improves customer service by enabling your waiters to stay on the floor where they’re needed.

200+ reports tailored to your needs

With over 200+ reports available to you - anytime - from our back office software, you can stay in control of your business. We have reports for end of day, inventory, stock and ingredient management, sales by hour and many more..

These reports are available on your back office program or you can get our "POS Reports" App and access them from any desktop computer or on your iPad & iPhone device.
Membership and loyalty

Reward your loyal returning customers with an automated system built for reward points and promotions. E.g.: buy 10 coffees, get 1 free. Easily add new customers, pre-set their favourite items and build their points with each purchase.


Inventory and ingredient stock control

Ingredient stock control management is a crucial part when running an efficient and profitable restaurant or bar. We offer an advanced solution for controlling stock down to the ingredient level.

Booking and reservations

Book tables up to 6 months in advance using our easy-to-use Online Reservation System that easily integrates with our point of sale software. Replace your diary with an online booking system!

Top questions about SASSCO's POS Software

Is support 24/7?

Yes. To be precise, our support phone line service is open 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm. After hours Connect is available via e-mail or online ticketing system.

Do you install complete systems?

Yes. We are a point of sale software company but we have industry leading installers who will implement an end-to-end solution for your business.

Can I rent a SASSCO POS System?

Yes. We have a few different payment plans, most popular is rent-try-buy with the option to buy after 12 months. Otherwise, we have flexible 50% upfront and 50% over 12 months plans.