Based in Sydney, Australia

Creators of the SASSCO point of sale software range; SASSCO is a privately owned Australian company based in Sydney NSW, Australia. We provide point of sale solutions for food and beverage outlets including cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Our software is easy to use, adaptable to the needs of individual businesses and with its advanced management and reporting features, it facilitates greater efficiency allowing businesses to improve on sales, speed the service, save cost and have full control of resources and inventory.

SASSCO, the mission

The mission of our company is to help businesses thrive through technology. The goal of our product, SASSCO POS, is to help you manage your business more easily.
At SASSCO, we want you to be comfortable and confident enough with our software so that you will be in complete control.


Easy to use pos software doesn't have to be less capable. We believe you should have all the essential tools to run your business. We want our software to be friendly as you start, and then surprise you with how deeply capable it is as you go.

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