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Complete point of sale solution for your pizza shop

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Point of Sale for Pizza Shops

Sassco is a hospitality specific POS system that can be used in pizza shops, takeaway & on-the-go delivery outlets; this Pizza POS is an easy to use point of sale system solution.

Read this blog to find out why more Eagle Pizza pizza shop owners are upgrading to SASSCO Pizza POS Software.

Online integration and more

Integrate with an online ordering system, save your customer's favourite pizzas, search by delivery address and/or phone number, ingredient stock management control and more..

Complete point of sale solution

Having a 'complete' pizza point of sale system solution means that you need a touchscreen computer system, a pizza printer, a kitchen / pizza display and more importantly - an affordable online ordering system. We can deliver it all for you at a comeptitive price.

Pizza POS Modules

Experts in the field

With over 10 years’ experience in the hospitality point of sale industry, we have the expertise to implement your point of sale solution with very little disruptions. Our easy to use software is Australian made and our support is local, based in North Sydney, Australia.



Pizza shop owners can greatly benefit from our Caller-ID preset feature. Software will automatically capture customer’s mobile number and populate previous order details for instant re-order. Customers ordering for the first time are validated against predefined delivery boundaries (Australia only).

We sell hardware at cost price

We are a software company; our profit margins are based on software sales, only! We sell hardware at cost price (+- 5%); this enables us to offer you different models at differences prices for you to choose the right point of sale based on your budget.