Use POS Suite on any mobile devices

With POS Suite, you have all the tools to operate your restaurant or cafe from anywhere.

Note: This guide focuses on Android® and iOS®devices. If you're using another device, such as BlackBerry® or Microsoft® Windows Phone®, you will need to talk to us directly by calling: 1300 116 784.

What you need:

account_circle POS Suite account schedule 3 minutes

Create your account

In order to use POS Suite, you will need a global account which gives you access to all of our point of sale apps. We will need your personal information such as mobile number, name and location (state). We will also need your business information; what you need printed on your customer tax invoice receipts.

In this section, you learn how to:

iOS/Android devices

Set up your account on your mobile device

To begin using POS Suite on your mobile device, complete the following steps:

- Go to our sign up page.
- Add your personal information, be sure to enter a valid mobile number that we will use to SMS you a verification code.
- Add your business details.
- Submit form then enter verification code (sent to you via SMS from sender SASSCO).

Now you can use POS Suite on your mobile device. If you need more help, contact our support team.

POS Suite on any device

You can do much more than use Sassco as your point of sale, we have cool apps for Waiter POS, Online Ordering, Bump Display Systems and Analytics. In this section, you learn how to:

2.1 Overview

The following POS Suite applications are available on any device such as iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Web browsers and Windows Phones.

Note: You can contact us for a demo, we have offices in North Sydney (Australia), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

POS icon

What: Point of Sale application for hospitality.
Example: Send table and takeaway orders, manage bookings, clock-in, print end of day reports and more ..

Back Office icon
Back Office

What: Manage your products, staff, customers and reports.
Example: Add meals, specials, staff, export customers loyalty reports and update your POS settings.

Analytics icon

What: Get reports on any mobile device.
Example: View live up-to-the-minute sales reports, discount and illegitimates (such as discounts, deleted orders). View charts and graphs for any timeframeof your choice.

Time & Attendance icon
Time & Attendance

What: Clock-ins, weekly timesheets and rosters.
Example: Capture employees clock in/out times, export timesheets to Excel and publish rosters to your employees smarthones.

EatsApp icon
Online Ordering

What: Online Ordering Apps for iOS and Android devices.
Example: Give your customers the ability to place online orders using your very own App with your logo, menu and contact details.

Waiter POS icon
Waiter POS

What: Place orders right at the table, send wirelessly to your kitchen.
Example: Give your staff a hand held device (iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or Android) that enables them to take orders from anywhere inside your restaurant.

Bump icon

What: Display kitchen / coffee orders on a bump screen.
Example: Setup an iPad or an Android table inside your kitchen or coffee area. Get restaurant orders displayed on a bump screen. Use a Bluetooth numpad to bump off orders.

2.2 Download

Download and install the products below (or just a select few) from Google Play (Android devices) or App Store (iOS devices).

The following POS Suite services are available on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

2.3 Browser Support

Access POS Suite from your browser

If an app isn't available on your Android or iOS device, or if you're using a different type of device, type the following locations in your browser for an experience that's similar to your desktop computer.

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