Save on UberEATS
& Menulog fees

Fed up with paying ridiculous fees for Menulog and UberEATS? Want to pay fewer fees and increase your online sales? Try Sassco Online.

  • Sassco Online is a revolutionary online ordering app that is specifically designed in the name of your restaurant.

  • "In short, we create your iPhone & Android Apps, we will also design your own desktop portal."

How does it work?

When you receive orders from customers via UberEATS or Menulog, you will use our system to send your customer an invitation (via SMS) to download your customised restaurant online ordering app.

Example: Hey John, thanks for your order, next time why not download our App? More discounts and offers and your delivery is on us! iPhone: Android:

Create Coupons, send via Push Notifications!

The beauty of Sassco Online, is that it offers your customers loyalty points for their orders, and who doesn’t love a good loyalty program?

To top that off, we have included a template to create coupons in the system. For example, “spend $30 tonight on your order to receive free delivery”. What good is it to offer you a coupon gateway and no means to capitalise on it? So, that is why we are also offering you free push notifications with Sassco Online, giving you the best chance to keep in touch with your customers, with enticing offers.

With our push notification service, you have full control of your customers’ information. Furthermore, Sassco Online notifies your customer as soon as their order is ready for pick up or with a delivery driver.

Desktop, iPhone & Android Apps

We will design your ordering system and install it on your website so that customers who prefer a desktop-based application have also the option to send orders right from their personal computers. Sassco Online is user friendly, fast and reliable.

You can get started for free (or buy outright over 3 installments), so why not give it a try? – after all, we will design an App with the name or your restaurant, it will be available on AppStore and Google Play and will only show your menu, your products and your pictures.

Only 3.9% per order, $0 upfront

With an unbelievable low rate of 3.9% per order, Sassco Online, will mean stretching your dollar further, and create a higher return of customers, through a loyalty program and coupon offers. In comparison to the exorbitant 35% UberEATS charges, it’s a simple decision.

To summarise, Sassco Online will save you money by reducing Menulog and UberEATS charges, it will also increase your online sales by allowing you to send free push notifications to your customers.

Make your brand stand out with your very own App, gain access to your customers’ information and get started for $0 and only 3.9% per order. Make the switch to Sassco today, call Sassco on 1300 116 784 or call your Sassco Online sales manager (Alan) on 0438 033 332.

Top questions about Sassco Online

How do I receive orders?

Online orders (via Apps or Desktop) are downloaded onto an iPad or Android device inside your restaurant; you can even connect an Epson printer in your kitchen and have it printed there also.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

No. We only charge 3.9% per order. We will setup your Apps and Desktop applications for free.

If you would like to accept Credit Cards, you will need to provide us with your online merchant account number. (We currently integrate with ANZ, CBA, Westpac and NAB)