Mediterranean Restaurants

Choose Sassco POS for your Mediterranean cuisine.

Perfect for Mediterranean restaurants

Mediterranean cuisine is synonymous with flavour - a marriage of spices, lemon and olive oil! If you run a Mediterranean restaurant, you know that your customers expect a feast like no other and will delight in a smorgasbord of flavour! Paramount to the success of your business is kitchen staff who will execute delicious food, time after time.

Equally as important, is to ensure you have a reliable POS system that will optimise the efficiency in the performance of your restaurant.

Waiter POS Solution

A Sassco iPad solution will have you taking orders in record time as well as sending your orders to their designated area ( i.e kitchen, bar). With such features as floor map view, reservations, table merge and customer loyalty, our solutions have you covered.

To leave you to focus on delivering fresh and tasty Mediterranean food!

Inventory, Stock Management & More

Inventory and stock management is an essential component of any business, and our solutions are packed with all the features you would expect and more.

At Sassco, we know the back end management is just as important as the front. Our detailed reporting and analytics will give you more data than you’ll know what to do with.