Manage your restaurant from anywhere

With our "head office" web-based software, you can retrieve reports, update menu and schedule staff roster; all from your living room.

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Hardware bundle for restaurants

We have an extensive range of hardware for your restaurant; starting with the super-fast HP RP7 unit that comes with a three year on-site warranty, to the less powerful FEC 15inch touchscreen terminals. order now


iPad POS bundles

Our point of sale software works on Windows, Android and iOS (iPad) so that you don't have to learn a new operating system and re-use the existing hardware you may have. SASSCO's iPad POS System is fast, affordable and easy to use. order now


Printers & Accessories

Our Epson thermal and impact printers come with 2 year manufacturer warranty, so that you can focus on customer service and leave hardware reliability to us. If you'd like to install a CCTV camera set, our certified installers can help you with that. order now

Restaurant POS Modules