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Foys Kirribilli

Foys Kirribilli

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Zimzala Cronulla

Mezzanotte Dee Why

Mezzanotte Dee Why

Make smarter decisions with SASSCO

Menu management

Managing a busy restaurant often requires you to change your menu; new meals introduced, wine out of stock. This is made easy with our "anytime, anywhere" feature where you can update it from anywhere, quick and easy too.

Staff management

Our reporting options give you all the tools you need to retrieve advanced reports such as your peak hours and busy periods. Once you get a feel of that, you can roster your employees to cover these periods.

Clocking In & Out

Give your staff the flexibility to clock in and out using the POS. Limit their access level to stay in control, even when you're not physically there.

Split Bills and more

Split bills in an instant. Have a large table, some diners want individual bills, some couple want theirs on one bill, and everyone at the table wants to share the cost of beverages? Oh, and this is sprung on you at the last moment?

SASSCO handles it with a few simple swipes and clicks. Eliminate frustration, errors, and losing track of what diner has paid in full..

Bring your friends for drinks after work

Running a happy hour promotion is one way to get customers through the door. Setup special pricings for different events or hours and revert back when the promotion ends.


Booking and reservations

Book tables up to 6 months in advance using our easy-to-use online reservation soltuions that easily integrates with your POS so you get a visual of your floor map and schedule staff for busy periods.

Your POS is always working

Our end-to-end solutions are not cloud based; meaning that your business doesn't suffer if the Internet goes down. All your printers are connected locally to prevent any possible downtime.

Restaurant POS Modules