What is a Café POS System?

Café point-of-sale system (Café POS) is the point of transaction between customer and café staff (operators), in exchange for goods and services.

Depending on the software in use, this process enables business owners better streamline their every-day workflow and increase profitability.
Traditionally, a Café POS was also referred to as a ‘Cash Registers’ with minimal reporting (if any) and almost no stock control. Nowadays, with hundreds of software providers worldwide, hospitality business owners are spoilt for choice where most modern programs are providing identical features such as: stock management, payment and accounting integration and table reservations.

What does a Café POS System offer?

Every café POS system allows operators to process table and takeaway orders, print dockets in kitchen or café and print reporting whether end of day or stock reports. An integrated and state of the art POS software will offer:

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Importance of Waiter POS for Café POS Systems

Waiter point-of-sale system is the concept of taking table ordering using a wireless device, usually an iPad Mini or a Samsung Tablet. This process eliminates the need for double handling and order processing. Traditionally, a server (waiter) would write down an order at the table and re-enter it at the POS terminal. The second step is eliminated all together with the use of Waiter POS where the server enters the order using a wireless device and once processed; it is entered wireless in the system database and printed in the kitchen. Simply POS (division of SASSCO Pty Ltd) was the first company in Australia to introduce Waiter POS and has been the leading provider of such technology to the hospitality industry.

Reporting and Analytics

Another important aspect for having the perfect café point of sale solution is the ability to access live and up-to-date reporting on your mobile phone and/or tablet anywhere and at any time. Forecasting stock and sales is the core of every successful business, the ability to retrieve the report that you want remotely (while you’re at another site or holidays) is critical to every café pos system. SASSCO have developed an outstanding App that works on iOS and Android and gives business owners the flexibility to track sales, up to the minute, gain full of control of the business on any device (PC, iOS and Android).

Cloud or No cloud

Until recently, most POS software providers offered similar technologies for storing and processing data, where the database is usually stored in premises at no cost and with very little security. With the emergence of iPad and Tablets, the need for better security at more affordable prices became a necessity. Nowadays, most programs offer cloud based services at low cost allowing franchisees the ability to access reports for all stores from anywhere at any time.

Cloud technologies, as attractive as they sound, come with a downside and disadvantage. The number 1 problem with this new approach is speed and reliability. Because data is stored in the ‘cloud’, all internal transactions must be uploaded to a remote server (usually in India or United States). In some instances, this process may take up to 3-7 seconds, in comparison with 0-1 second for local storage. Ongoing fees (for security and hosting) and charges is another disadvantage.

Selecting the Right Cafe POS System

Investing time in choosing the right café POS system is critical to the smooth running of your business. When you’re comparing software and bundles, take special notice to compulsory ongoing fees and technical support charges. Generally speaking iPad POS systems are relatively cheap but come with a hefty ongoing fees and monthly charges.

It pays to have the right hardware and warranty. Most POS providers will offer cheap units (terminals) to reduce the upfront cost (iPad or Atom processors). On the contrary, to avoid downtime and disruptions, make sure you invest in purchasing top of the range hardware and printers; this will ensure that your system will run flawlessly on your busy Saturday nights. SASSCO offer a wide range of POS bundles, perfect for busy coffee shops and restaurants, or you can enquire by calling 02 8912 2115.

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